Online Bible

If you have ever done some serious Bible study, then you have obviously experienced the frustration of knowing about a certain verse in the Bible, but being unable to recall where to find it. The answer to this problem is a concordance, which lists most words in the Bible and also tells you where to find it. But a printed concordance is expensive and only works with one specific Bible translation.

The Online Bible is the answer that you are looking for: With forty two different Bible versions (including 13 English, 2 Afrikaans, Greek and Hebrew) each with its own unique concordance, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, theme studies, and much more, you get study material to the equivalent of approximately $3000 (more than R25000), all on one CD, which runs with ease on any PC.

The Online Bible was developed in Canada and is the fastest, most user friendly and definitely the cheapest program of its kind available anywhere in the world. The program is being used by countless theologians, pastors and other Christians over the world, as their primary key to do intensive Bible study. It has even been included in the official curriculum of theological seminaries, in order to teach students how to use the program effectively.

The price? The program plus all the material included on the CD is free of charge! The only amount payable is the royalties on three Bible versions (the NIV and two Afrikaans versions), the direct cost for the manufacturing of the CD and postage. The total amount payable is only R250. The Online Bible is not like many other similar programs where you have to pay each time you need to access a different Bible version. For the total amount of R250 you get access to the entire CD. There are no hidden costs involved. Updates are also free of charge. The Online Bible is our service to the Christian community, to enable them to expand their knowledge about God and His Word, at an affordable cost.

If you need more information on the Online Bible or if you would like to order the CD, you can go to the following address: or you may e-mail me with specific questions: