Children's Ministry

In Swaziland, 47% of the population is children under the age of 15, the highest percentage of children in all the Southern African countries. We all realise that there is no future for the church without today's children. In spite of this knowledge, our children are often the most neglected group in our modern churches. The Swaziland Reformed Church has come to a fuller understanding of God's intention with children when eleven people from Swaziland were trained in Children's evangelism. Three of these people will soon be trained as tutors, with the intention that they will then start training people all over Swaziland to minister to children.

Further information about the training given by Petra College can be found on their web site.


This group of Swazi people were amongst 72 people who were trained in Children's Ministry during 2001 when lecturers from Petra College in White River presented the training in Piet Retief

During a crusade held in Piet Retief during May 2001, a tremendous effort was made to reach the children of the community. The Swazi's who had been trained in Children's Ministry came to Piet Retief to minister to these children through singing, playing and evangelism


The children were helped to work together to make beautiful sketches illustrating some theme from the Bible