How our work is Financed

The work in Swaziland is financed from a variety of sources. Three regional synods of the Dutch Reformed Church together contribute greatly towards the salaries of the full-time workers in Swaziland. These are the synods of Western-Transvaal, Southern-Transvaal and Eastern-Transvaal.

A number of individuals are giving smaller amounts on a monthly or annual base to finance specific projects in Swaziland, such as the work amongst Aids patients and the building project at Matsanjeni.

One congregation in Pretoria have committed themselves towards the finances for the training of people. They have contributed greatly towards the training of eleven people earlier this year in Children's Ministry.

A number of congregations have committed themselves towards a specific group of people in Swaziland and are doing tremendous work, not only spiritually, but also helping in the building of new church buildings. Some of the places where congregations have become involved with the work, is at Magomba, Phemba and Matsanjeni.

If God convinces you that the work being done in Swaziland is important, then we invite you to become involved with our work, or to help us in order to do the work more effectively.