Highway Ministry

One of the ways in which we take the gospel into the world, is through our association with Highway Ministry, an organisation which has as its vision to spread the gospel amongst the people involved in the trucking industry. Pastor Philemon Gama visits Parson's Transport, a long distance trucking business, which has a branch at Oshoek border post, once a week to share the Word with all employees available. He is also available to help with the counselling of those with specific needs. As AIDS is also a serious problem among the drivers, much of his work in the future will be focused on this topic.

If you need more information on Highway Ministry, you can contact the director, Jan de Bruin at (016) 349-1996 or send an e-mail to: highwayministry@freemail.absa.co.za


Jan de Bruin, director of Highway Ministry

A conference was recently held by people involved with Highway Ministry, in order to discuss strategies to increase the effectiveness of the project