Become involved!

Ways in which you can become involved in the work in Swaziland

1. Bring a group of Christians for a weekend visit to Swaziland. We will visit some of the places where we work and on Sunday we will attend a church service. I can assure you that you will never be the same again, after such an experience.

2. Perhaps you would like to do some type of evangelism in Swaziland, using the Jesus film or through some other method. We would like to work with you in such a project.

3. We are busy building churches at a number of places. Although our members are willing to do the hard physical labour, we do need experienced builders to assist us with their knowledge so that these buildings will be built correctly and safely. Do you know of Christian builders who may be interested to help us with such a project?

4. You can subscribe to our newsletter, either via e-mail or in printed format. In this way you can ensure that you pray for our work on a regular base.

5. You may even decide to "adopt" a worker for a specified period of time. You can pray for them, write to them, visit them and really become involved with them in all aspects of their life and work. This is an ideal opportunity for a cell group to effectively reach out to these people, although an entire congregation can also be blessed by doing this.

6. In areas where Zulu is the predominant language, we are willing to help with evangelism. We have done this in the past and are willing to work together with other congregations to spread the gospel.

7. Our Missions Committee has given me a mandate to visit congregations during normal services, missionary celebrations or similar events. Although the message I bring is the same as they have heard throughout the years, people sometimes tend to hear God's commission more clearly when someone from outside their congregation brings them the message.

8. If you would like to contact me in connection with any aspect of mission, please feel free to do so:

Dr Arnau van Wyngaard
P O Box 886
Piet Retief


Tel: (017) 826-1174
Fax: (017) 826-5461

The Dutch Reformed Church in Piet Retief have become involved with the work at Matsanjeni. On regular occasions, members from Piet Retief visit the believers at Matsanjeni


Waiting at the Onverwacht border post for their passports to be stamped, on their way to Matsanjeni, one Sunday morning

A group of people from the DRC congregation in Amanzimtoti helping to enlargen this church at Magomba. A few years before, they had also helped to build this church, which soon became too small for the number of people attending services every Sunday