The Christian churches in Swaziland are affiliated with one of three ecumenical bodies, i.e. the Swaziland Council of Churches, the Council of Swazi Churches and the Swaziland Conference of Churches (SCC). The SCC binds all the evangelical churches together, such as the Church of the Nazarene, the Free Evangelical Church, the Swaziland Reformed Church, and many others.

Through the SCC, we have the opportunity to broadcast Christian messages over the radio and TV. A giant project has also been the building of the Mbabane Church Youth Centre which not only acts as sleeping quarters for Christian groups, but also has schooling, sports and meeting facilities.

For many visitors to Swaziland, the Youth Centre serves them ideally as a place to receive a comfortable room and meals at a very affordable price.

Pastor Philemon Gama of the Swaziland Reformed Church, has for many years been the administrator of the Youth Centre. If you are interested to make use of the overnight facilities, you can contact him at (09268) 404-1276.


One of the major projects of the Swaziland Conference of Churches: The Mbabane Church Youth Centre



Philemon Gama, pastor in the Swaziland Reformed Church and administrator of the Mbabane Church Youth Centre

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