SOS Village - Nhlangano

Some time ago, it was reported that Swaziland had more than 30000 Aids orphans. In many cases, these children live on their own without any adult supervision, due to the fact that the extended family, which normally would take care of children in the case of their parents' death, have become overloaded with responsibility towards the children of their neighbours and other family members.

Dudu Dlamini, who was trained as social worker at Turfloop and who is also a member of the Swaziland Reformed Church, had a vision for facilities for these children. She is employed by the Swaziland Government as social worker and shared and developed her vision. What had started as a vision, has now become reality, as a beautiful village has been erected in Nhlangano in the Shiselweni area, where accommodation is now available for 100 orphans in ten beautiful homes, each with a house mother, effectively trained to care for these children. Other facilities on the premises include a basic clinic and a preschool.

With our new vision on Children's Ministry, the Swaziland Reformed Church will be looking at ways in which to get involved with this village, in order to help these children.

For more information on this project, Dudu can be contacted on (09268) 608-5030.



Dudu Dlamini, the mother of the SOS Village

One of the homes in the SOS Village in which ten orphans will be accommodated under the protection of their house mother

The preschool in the SOS Village where the smaller children can play and learn on a daily base